VOKA receives a sustainable enterprise charter from Hoecke

Posted on
21 September 2020

Customers, employees, partners and society, we like to put them all first in everything we do as a company. We have been doing it intuitively for some time now, but VOKA's sustainable enterprise programme is happy to lend us a helping hand. The initiatives we put forward for ourselves last year were successfully implemented and assessed. That is why we can now call ourselves a sustainable enterprise laureate at VOKA!

Here are just a few of the actions we took last year:

  • We carried out a study into sustainable mobility opportunities. In the coming year, we will continue to work on these in order to develop them further.
  • Electric and hybrid cars were included in the range of cars that colleagues can lease via a cafeteria plan.
  • A study was carried out into energy-efficient measures. Our biomass burner, which processes wood waste from production and provides heating for our buildings, is a good example of this. In this way, we can eliminate waste transports and heat them in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We consciously opt for environmentally friendly and easily recyclable or reusable packaging for our pre-assembled drawers. In this way we abandon the use of Styrofoam and switch to cardboard. We also opted for an ultra-thin film for the plastic wrapping film needed to transport pallets safely. In this way we reduce our use of plastic.
  • Various actions were taken with regard to material consumption and employee awareness. For example, we have the cardboard drinking cups at our coffee machines recycled into toilet paper.
  • Would you like to know more about the actions taken in the context of sustainable entrepreneurship and our philosophy on the subject? Then read the interview with Peter Van Hoecke here.

After this successful project, we set ourselves new goals and start new initiatives. So we are ready to get down to work with great enthusiasm in a