Van Hoecke was founded by Luc Van Hoecke, because he was keen to satisfy the needs of his customers. With his own company, he could serve them better and faster. This philosophy lives on even today. Customer focus, speed and innovation are a focal point in our organisation and the drivers behind our growth.

Continuity across the generations is our absolute priority. For this reason, we wish to take care of those who are close to our family business. This can range from contributing to a healthy environment in Sint-Niklaas, supporting colleagues, helping customers to work more efficiently or ensuring transparent communication with our partners. These elements are all important to us.

‘Hello’ symbolises this focus on positive growth and our dialogue with all parties concerned.

Onze aanpak
Our approach

For us, responsible business means creating well-being for everybody. That means: for our customers, colleagues, the community and our partners. By entering into dialogue with these parties, we can understand what is important and how we can contribute to their well-being. Our four stakeholders can also be found in the symbol used in all communication. We symbolise the dialogue with them by using four colours, whereby each one represents a different stakeholder.