FAQ about Corona measures

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Dear client,

Of course, we are currently receiving a whole series of questions about the closure and the impact on your services. We would like to apologize for this inconvenience.
Please be aware that our colleagues in the office are working hard to help you. However, this is done at various locations within and outside our organisation, another measure taken by the government. Therefore, there is no room for any internal consultation. We have tried to gather the most common questions in this FAQ list, in order to give you an insight into the situation. Do you have any additional questions? Please contact our field staff, they will be very happy to help you. We will continue to add all questions to the list in the next few days. Feel free to send us your input to this e-mail address: 

Thank you very much!


Most frequently asked questions so far:

Are LEGRABOX and TA'OR BOX box systems mutually interchangeable?

Can TA'OR BOX also be used in damp rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom?

Now that production closes, are all my open custom orders automatically cancelled?

If I want to convert my already ordered, pre-assembled drawers to separate parts, is that possible?

If I convert my pre-assembled drawers to separate parts, are there also customized bottom and back included?

I want to finish the drawers myself, which sheet material should I use?

How do I know if my ordered drawers have already been produced or not?

I want to cancel my pre-assembled drawers, is that possible?

What happens to my pre-assembled drawers if I don't do anything?

Can I order TA'OR BOX in separate parts?

Can I also collect goods?

Can I order full sheets of 16mm sheet material?

What milling should I perform for the LEGRABOX bottom?

I want to cut sheet material myself for TANDEMBOX ANTARO drawers, what are the sizes for this?

I want to saw sheet material for LEGRABOX drawers, what are the dimensions?

I want to order cover caps with logo, what is the delivery time?

Will the update V2.0 of the EASYSTICK take place in the week of 16 March 2020, as planned?