BLUM Showroom Belgium

Support and advice for architects, kitchen builders and furniture makers

In the Blum Showroom, you can experience all Blum products in a realistic kitchen environment. Using comparison cabinets, you can test which fitting mechanisms is the most suitable for you. Or find out about DYNAMIC SPACE, the ideas from Blum for practical kitchens. Use this to offer extra service to your customers.


Receive no-obligation advice

Our Blum consultants provide no-obligation advice to end consumers about the practical side of kitchens. During their visit, end consumers receive numerous tips for more ergonomics, storage space and comfort in the kitchen. That way, you can gain more satisfied customers, since every day they can enjoy the advantages of their practical, customised kitchen.

End consumers obtain a realistic impression of their future kitchen during the kitchen test drive. With driveable kitchen cabinets on wheels, the kitchen plan is reconstructed to scale. Your customer can immediately experience the available movement space, and you can optimise the kitchen plan if necessary.


Come along with your customers

We will provide advice and show the possibilities to you and the customer. By comparing products, they can experience for themselves the ergonomic differences between the various solutions.


Van Hoecke

Blum Showroom Sint-Niklaas

Talk to your contact person at Van Hoecke without obligation, or make an appointment with our Blum consultants. We look forward to welcoming you at our showroom.

Europark-Noord 9
9100 Sint-Niklaas
+32 (0)3 778 71 11

Opening times

Following appointment by telephone, from Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm.