Discover extra storage space in your kitchen

Posted on
18 July 2018

You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen. Every additional drawer is therefore greeted with much enthusiasm. However, a kitchen's surface area is not infinite. That's why the search for extra space forces us to think about how to optimise this area.


Take a look under the sink

A considerable amount of cabinet space is available underneath the sink, which often gets overlooked. Thanks to our sink solutions, it is possible to optimise this storage space. The sink and siphon drawer create extra space next to the sink. Ideal for storing frequently used items such as sponges or detergents. You need them close to hand when you're washing up but they don't need to gather around the sink area.

The storage champion

With the SPACE TOWER, you have a storage champion in your home which optimises the space in your store cupboard. SPACE TOWER provides easy access to drawer contents.

We're all familiar with the ordinary store cupboard. Shelves full of products and the one tin you need is always located at the back. And every time you have a clear out, you find a few products nestled at the far reaches of the shelf that have to be thrown away.


The SPACE TOWER offers a great overview of the products in your store cupboard and everything is easy to reach. Every drawer can be pulled out individually and the contents can then be accessed from three sides. No more searching for tins at the back of the shelf or having to pull the full weight of the store cupboard out in one go, as is the case with a full-height larder cupboard.

LEGRABOX drawers also have slim, straight side panels so that the full width and depth of the cupboard can be used effectively. The LEGRABOX runner systems can support up to 70kg per drawer, and heavier provisions such as bottles can therefore also be stored away easily.

Further optimisation for the SPACE TOWER? It's possible! Read all about it here...


Don't forget the corners

Many kitchens are fitted into a corner. This is the ideal spot in many rooms, but it forces us to seek a practical corner cabinet. If you have shelves, you have to almost crawl into the cupboard to retrieve an item and rotating carousels mean losing a lot of the available space.

SPACE CORNER is a corner cabinet with full extension drawers and an ergonomic alternative to the corner carousel. They offer maximum storage capacity, a complete overview of the contents and easy accessibility. Every drawer can be pulled out effortlessly. In addition, the front appearance of the kitchen continues nicely to the corners.